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103 Ways to Make Money From Your Homestead

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Making enough money from right here on our homestead is our ultimate goal. Not having to go to an outside job we can’t stand. No more going to town unless we want to, that is the life we are striving for.

Money popping up from dirt in hands.

But, it often times seems a lofty goal. How could we ever become income independent and not have to have outside employment? We’ve been planning and scheming, though, and I’ve come up with 103 ways to make money from your homestead. And the best part? You can do 97 of these on  a small homestead! We only have an acre here, so I tried to come up with things we could do right here with the land we have available. And I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with what I came up with.

I’ve found that with a little creativity and determination, the sky is really the limit when it comes to ideas. There are so many ways you can earn anything from pocket change to a full-time income from right on your own property, regardless of the size.

And you can earn that money doing something that you love and actually enjoy doing, instead of something you have to do in order to make ends meet.

103 Ways to Make Money From Your Homestead

There are many, many ways to make money, but make sure you know your local laws, first!

The Homestead Garden

Homestead garden full of fresh produce to eat and sell at the farmer's market to make money

No homestead is complete without a garden. Go ahead and share the fruits of your labors with others to make some extra cash! Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Plant extra produce and sell it at your local farmer’s market.

2. Preserve your produce into jams and jellies for sale.

3. Start extra seeds and sell the seedlings to others who don’t start their own.

4. Start some fruit trees and sell the saplings.

5. Save your heirloom seeds, package them up, and sell them.

6. Make your own compost/fertilizer and sell it.

7. Sell bunny poop.

8. Start a mushroom farm.

9. Sell fresh herbs

10. Sell dried herbs

11. Make garden markers.

12. Start a CSA.

13. Make a little u-pick farm.

14. Dehydrate your produce and make dehydrated snacks to sell at your farmer’s market.

15. Make homemade tomato cages for sale.

16. Make small greenhouses for sale.

17. Raise compost worms and sell them.

18. Sell fresh-cut flowers.

19. Sell potted flower arrangements.

Homestead Poultry

Backyard hen. You can make money selling meat and eggs from poultry.

Backyard chickens and other poultry are so much fun! Why not make some money off of them too? 

20. Sell farm fresh eggs.

21. If you have a rooster, sell hatching eggs.

22. Sell day old chicks, ducklings, or poults.

23. Sell pastured chicken.

24. Raise mealworms for chickens and sell.

25. Raise guinea fowl and sell keets.

26. Sell pastured turkey.

27. Rent out chicken butchering equipment.

28. Hatch and raise hens to laying age and sell layers.

Homestead Dairy

Miniature nubian dairy goat

I cannot wait to get our goats in the spring. Here are some great ideas to make some money from your small homestead dairy! 

29. Sell bottle goats or lambs.

30. Sell milk.

31. Sell butter.

32. Start a herd share.

33. Stud services for goats or sheep.

Share Your Knowledge

We all have knowledge we can share with others. That’s why I started this blog! Share your knowledge and make some cash doing something you enjoy… passing on lost arts or just sharing your journey! 

34. Start a blog.

35. Write a book.

36. Become a livestock consultant.

37. Teach classes on homesteading skills you have. Such as, spinning, soap making, bread baking, etc.

38. Teach piano or guitar lessons.

Homestead Critters

Brown alpaca

Chickens and dairy animals are great, but there are tons of other animals that make up a homestead. Here are some great income ideas using different animals. 

39. Breed livestock guardian dogs.

40. Raise goats for meat.

41. Raise pigs for meat.

42. Sell meat rabbits.

43. Start beekeeping, sell the honey and beeswax.

44. Sell bees.

45. Raise and sell fish.

46. Train bird/gun dogs.

47. Raise fiber animals and sell the fiber.

48. Spin the fiber and sell yarn.

49. Raise and sell fishing bait.

Get Creative

Finished, smoked venison jerky on a plate.

Feeling crafty? Have a skill like woodworking or blacksmithing? Sell those handmade goods for a profit. Here are a few ideas….

50. Wood furniture and signs.

51. Homemade crochet/knitting projects

52. Become a Ferrier.

53. Take it one step further and become a modern day blacksmith. Make knives or even ornate metal decor.

54. Homemade soap.

55. Sell homemade goods at craft fairs.

56. Make and sell your own lotions, creams, and salves.

57. Flies for fishing.

58. Jewelry.

59. Custom pottery.

60. Do mending, sewing, or even alterations.

61. Quilts.

62. Bat and/or owl boxes.

63. Dog houses.

64. Rabbit hutches.

65. Make and sell other livestock buildings, or even just draw up plans if you’re creative, and sell the plans.

66. Custom clocks.

67. Floral arrangements for cemeteries.

68. Custom bird feeders.

69. Custom bird houses.

70. Create bread bags and boxes.

71. Fresh bread.

72. Jerky.

73. Tan and sell hides.

74. Homemade chocolates and fudge.

75. Sausage.

76 . Essential oils.

78. Buy and resell on eBay or Amazon.

Money "growing" from dirt and seeds

Forage for It

Morel mushrooms growing

We live where there is plenty of room to forage. Be sure you have permission before going on to someones private property, though! 

79. Morel mushrooms.

80. Walnuts.

81. Polished rocks.

82. Scrap metal recycling.

83. Find antler sheds and make things from them, or even sell the antlers.

84. Maple syrup.

85 . Firewood.

Sell Your Services

We all have some skill or equipment that others don’t. Sell those services to help others out and still make a few dollars. 

86. Freelance writing.

87. Freelance photography.

88. Snow removal for others.

89. Yard work for others.

91. Mechanical maintenance.

92. Welding projects.

93. Gun smithing and repair.

94. Farm sitting for other locals.

95. Pet sit.

96. Rototilling or tractor work for others.

97. Have a sawmill and sell lumber.

If You Have Room

Consider yourself lucky ?. But seriously, here are a handful of ideas for you that us homesteaders on smaller properties can’t do. 

98. Boarding for other people’s stock.

99. Rent out pastures.

100. Sell straw or hay.

101. Pumpkin patch.

102. Christmas tree farm.

103. Grow and sell beef cattle.

While none of these ideas are going to make you rich overnight, they can be lucrative opportunities to get you out of the rat race and home where you want to be. It takes hard work and dedication, but, it’s more than worth the benefits you gain from your labor!

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Dana Smith

Tuesday 20th of February 2018

Wow, Danielle loved this,but we are sixty I have RA, hubby is the same age. We inherited 2 acres and we do have chickens and are selling eggs but unfortunately this property has been so neglected, so just renovating the house we live in is hard, trying to pay cash and not charge on cards to get out of debt. We have a good income from my husband pensions from working at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for years and We moved to Texas and oh the work!!! I just wanted to ask what could two seniors do for a little cash we are not hurting but 60 year old hubby is working full time and wants to stop. We will have his pension but not enough for the debt! Our chickens egg selling is just paying for chicken feed. So what easy things would help us! I am saying easy because we are not lazy, we are having health issues. I want to compost first and make our soil good again, so that is first my idea, would like your opinion. I have four dogs, am a essential oil distributor. I love them!!!! I also want to blog. I get my best stuff from bloggers! So my question is this my house is a total mess trying to renovate and down size ( I have been on declutter bloggers) my husband is a pack! Could be some useful stuff around here though because of him, So mind got sidetracked , what would do at my age and my scenario? Sorry so long!

Danielle McCoy

Wednesday 21st of February 2018

Hi Dana! Let me see if I can help ;). I fixed your typo by the way....

Older with health problems and RA and wanting to make a little cash on the side. You have chickens but egg sales only pay for the feed (understandably). Could you keep a rooster? Maybe some rare, yet popular, breed of chicks you could hatch or start some pullets? You could grow plant starts and sell those? You wouldn't need your soil amended in order to start them and you could keep some for yourself and grow in a few containers. Starting a blog is always an option, but know up front, it takes time to build it. Nothing is going to be a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can certainly help make some money and turn into something lucrative, it just takes time.

I'm going to touch on your mention of debt. If you haven't read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, you should.

As for your soil, you're going to have to amend it in some capacity (it sounds) or raise it and bring in good top soil to fill. While you're amending, you could either make up a couple of raised beds with recycled (read free or very cheap) lumber or get a few containers. It's amazing what can be grown in containers. Start small with whatever you do and work your way up so as to not be overwhelmed! Maybe just one small raised bed or a few containers this year with plants you buy started at the local nursery. Save some seeds (buy heirloom varieties) and start them next year in your newly amended soil beds.

I have a few "minimalist" posts that may help you on your decluttering journey as well ;). I hope this helped!!

Mark Henry

Wednesday 3rd of January 2018

Great post with full information. Thanks for sharing :)

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