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Danielle from The Rustic Elk gazing up at sunflowers in the background.

Hi, I’m Danielle!!

I help families rekindle their roots, reconnect to and localize their food supply, grow their own food, and live without the grocery store, no matter where they live.

Ready to shift back to your roots and cultivate fulfillment?

There has been a shift toward returning to our roots and coming home. Localizing our food and reconnecting with its production. A shift towards people yearning to become more than just mere consumers, to feel more fulfilled and become more empowered to cultivate their own life and home.

With that shift has been an influx of information making it seem overwhelming and unachievable. While most of us living in the modern world don’t have generational knowledge, 60 acres, and unlimited amounts of time, we do have a thirst for returning to our roots and breaking free from modern constructs that keep us lost.

The truth is, there are no prerequisites to calling yourself a homesteader. You don’t need a lot of knowledge, time, or space to start living a more community and self-sufficient lifestyle. You can learn as you go little bits and pieces at a time, and still shop at your local grocery for things and have a high-speed internet connection.

You can homestead in the margins of your life, regardless of your living arrangements.

We currently homestead on just one acre and raise our own chicken, rabbit, eggs, duck, turkey, goose, milk, and a lot of our own vegetables. We also fish at a nearby lake and hunt and forage in a nearby forest, but I was homesteading well before then when we lived on a shady postage stamp in town.

I am here to help you learn how to gain skills and knowledge to homestead no matter where you live in the margins of your life. It’s not an all-or-nothing endeavor, it’s a process and one that will fulfill you and give you a legacy to pass on to your family for generations to come.

So join me on this journey while I help you learn how to grow, raise, cook, and preserve your own food and take charge of your food supply and more one tiny step at a time.

Where would you like to start?

Find easy-to-understand guides, recipes, and ideas to help you rekindle your roots and build knowledge and skills to break free from failing systems.

Growing guides, pest management, and more to grow your own food.
Family-friendly recipes, for real foodwild game, and preserving the harvest.

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