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Hi, I’m Danielle!!

I help moms connect to nature, feel more grounded, and create a beautiful life through gardening, exploring, and food. I am a city girl turned huntress and nature enthusiast living in rural Indiana with my husband, three daughters, garden, and a menagerie of farm animals.

Feeling high-strung, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled?

I’ve got you, mama. It’s time to slow down, unwind, and reconnect. I’m here to help you feel grounded, fulfilled, and connected. Our fast-paced world is constantly pushing us to do more and be more in order to get more. But it’s just not possible. Nor is it necessary. I want to help you slow down and connect with nature and your food so you feel more balanced and at ease.

We don’t need more. We need less. Less harried living, less demand, less busyness. We need to slow down and connect more deeply with ourselves, and our surroundings. To take time to appreciate the little things in life like a beautiful sunset or the taste of a fresh tomato just picked off the vine on the windowsill.

And you don’t need gobs of time or space to do this. Even small changes can make a huge difference! I’m here to help you grow your own food, cook simple meals from scratch, and preserve what you grow.

I also provide resources for connecting with nature, whether that’s through hiking, foraging, or simply spending time outside. I will show you how to create a lifestyle that aligns with your values, so you can feel more fulfilled and connected without completely ditching the 3,000 square feet and high-speed internet connection.

Where would you like to start?

Find easy-to-understand guides, recipes, and ideas to help you reconnect to nature and your food.

Growing guides, pest management, and more to grow your own food.
Family-friendly recipes, for real foodwild game, and preserving the harvest.

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Need some inspiration on the go?

Join Bonnie Von Dohre from The Not So Modern Housewife and me every Tuesday for practical tips, support, and conversations about staying grounded while homesteading and mothering in our modern, busy world.

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