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Hi friend! I’m Danielle.

I’m wife to Trevor and mama to three amazing little girls.

I help overwhelmed folks create their own self-sufficient life right in their own backyard, no matter where they live. This site is a place to find inspiration and clarity on living out your homesteading dreams without the “someday” mentality.

In this space you’ll find tons of inspiration, techniques, and motivation to help you transform your life from being dependent on failing food systems to knowing exactly where your food came from, how it was raised, and what’s in it.

One of my favorite things to do is sit down and share tidbits from our life on one acre to reach you right where you are and give you the tools you need to start living this lifestyle, today.

I want you to start living the life of your dreams, not continue wishing on someday. I want that joy, the light that will feed your soul to be a part of your every day, not just some distant dream that might someday come true if you meet some predetermined place in your life.

My philosophy isn’t about creating some perfect, picturesque homestead on 40 acres. It’s about taking your dreams and turning them into a reality right where you are… simply, slowly, and imperfectly. Because it’s better to take the chance and grow something in a pot on your apartment balcony or rooftop than it is to wait on a day that may never come.

Because you don’t have to have rolling hills and big barns to become more self-sufficient and homestead. And if you’re stuck in that cycle of “I don’t have time or space” it’s time to sit down and fix it because you’re not living your best life being bogged down by strict rules and doing things you don’t love.

What do you really want out of life? Going through the motions wishing you had more space and time to cultivate the earth and serve nutritious food or actually living your dreams? Let me help you create your dream, farm to table life, right where you are.

Not sure where to start?

I’ve got you covered, here are my favorite blog posts to help inspire you to start living your dreams, right now.

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