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DIY Gift Tags for Christmas- A Free Printable

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These free, printable DIY gift tags are beautiful, easy to print and will add a beautiful homemade touch to your gift this Christmas! 

Have you started Christmas shopping, yet? I know, it’s December. I’m almost ashamed to admit… I haven’t bought the first gift. I usually do most of our shopping online because it’s difficult to find someone to watch all three of the kids this time of year. 

So I haven’t bought a thing. 

Or made a thing (as far as gifts are concerned anyway). 

I need to get to it, don’t I? 

I’ve been decorating for Christmas like a madwoman, and baking goodies with the girls since before Thanksgiving. I’ve even made some of our Christmas decor. I even went shopping the Saturday after Black Friday! And all I bought were some ornaments and two hula hoops for the older two. They were with me… so they got them when we went shopping. 

I did, however, decide that I wanted to do some pretty, handmade simple packaging this year. And so… these diy gift tags were born from that decision. I love handmade gifts, and diy ornaments. So I figured since I like handmade gifts, I think they’re thoughtful, why not add a homemade touch to the gifts themselves? 

I really love the pine branch one. Despite my love for all things deer/elk related. I really want some more deer decorations, come to think of it. 

I’m thinking a big roll of Kraft Paper for a few bucks, these tags, and some beautiful ribbon may just do the trick. Or… maybe I’ll use some of this grain sack style gift wrap. I don’t know, I’ve seen a ton of beautiful gift wrap out there. Decisions, decisions. 

These beautiful tags will definitely be adorning the packages I purchase/make and wrap, though. I do think I will stick with using jute twine to stick through the holes. Which, by the way, you just punch out with a single hole punch. If you don’t have one, you can definitely use scissors to cut/punch them out. Some ribbon would look pretty. Or… just tape them to the packages. 

I just like the rustic look of the twine and I like the brown Kraft paper. But, I did print them out on some white cardstock. And that’s also beautiful. It really shows the colors off and gives them a different look.

These are really easy to print out. You just download the file, there’s a sheet of mixed along with one sheet of each design. You can print all of them, print one kind as many times as you want, whatever you choose. If you prefer just one of the designs, just print out the single page as many copies as you care to. I used plain ol’ scissors to cut them out, and then I punched the hole in. 

I’m going to be buying the gifts these will be on soon. And hoping Trevor will help me wrap. Because I don’t like wrapping. It just never looks right. 

I really hope you love these. Again, you can download them here. 

Do you go with a gift wrapping theme for Christmas or just wrap? 

Have a wonderful week, friends. 

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